When purchasing homeowners insurance, we often assume that we will be covered in case of any unexpected damages or disasters and will receive prompt assistance from our insurance company. However, this is not always the case.

Many homeowners face difficulties filing an insurance claim for residential roofing installation after a storm or other event. Although all the premiums have been paid on time and the coverage is supposed to be applicable, insurance companies use strategies to minimize payouts, delay claims, or outright deny them. Understanding these tactics is your first line of defense.

Oberle Roofing Company has seen firsthand the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying for residential roofing installation. Our experts are committed to providing insurance claim assistance to homeowners and helping them get the coverage they deserve.

Here are a few tactics insurance companies may use to deny coverage for residential roofing installation:

1.   Finding Pre-Existing Damage

Insurance companies may argue that the damages to your roof were pre-existing and not caused by the recent event. They may even send a claims adjuster to your home who will try to find any signs of wear and tear or previous damage that could be used as an excuse to deny coverage.

This is why homeowners must have regular inspections and maintenance on their roofs and keep records of these visits. This can serve as evidence to counter any claims of pre-existing damage by the insurance company.

2.   Claiming Insufficient Damage or Underestimating Costs | Residential Roofing Installation

Another tactic insurance companies use is to downplay the extent of damage to your roof and offer a lower payout than what you need for proper repairs or replacements. They may also use their preferred contractors, who may be incentivized to cut corners and save the insurance company money.

It’s important to obtain multiple quotes from reputable roofing companies and provide them as evidence to support your claim. It’s also helpful to thoroughly understand your insurance policy and what it covers in terms of roofing repairs or replacements.

3.   Delaying the Claims Process

Insurance companies may also use delay tactics and bureaucratic processes to frustrate homeowners and discourage them from pursuing their claims. They may request excessive documentation or repeatedly ask for further information, causing unnecessary delays and creating a sense of hopelessness. However, homeowners must be persistent and keep track of all communication with the insurance company.

4.   Denying Coverage based on Exclusions | Residential Roofing Installation

Insurance policies often exclude certain types of damage, such as natural disasters or acts of God. However, some insurance companies may use these exclusions to deny coverage even for legitimate claims.

To combat this tactic, homeowners should carefully review their insurance policy and understand all the terms and exclusions. They may also want to consult with a legal professional to ensure that their claim is handled fairly and under the terms of their policy.

5.   Offering Low Settlements

In some cases, insurance companies may offer low settlements in hopes that homeowners will accept them out of desperation or frustration. However, it’s important for homeowners to carefully review any settlement offers and not be afraid to negotiate for a fair amount.

If the insurance company offers significantly less than needed to cover the repairs or replacement, homeowners can provide additional evidence (such as quotes from local roofers) to support their claim. They can also seek assistance from a public adjuster, who can advocate for the homeowner and help negotiate a fair settlement.

6.   Using Intimidation Tactics | Residential Roofing Installation

Lastly, some insurance companies may use intimidation tactics to discourage homeowners from pursuing their claims. This could include making threats or using aggressive language, which can be stressful and overwhelming for homeowners.

Homeowners should remain calm and seek professional support if they feel intimidated by their insurance company. They should also document any intimidation and report it to the appropriate authorities, such as the state’s insurance department, to ensure the insurance company is held accountable for its actions.

Oberle Roofing Company provides insurance claim assistance for homeowners dealing with roofing damage. We can help you navigate the insurance claim process and ensure you receive a fair settlement from your insurance company.

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